14th Annual MHA Feeder Calf Sale
November 9th, 2022 | Three Forks

“Since it’s inception in 2009 we have been buying loads of Hereford and Hereford influenced calves thru The MHA Feeder Calf sale. This year in particular, we bought  three loads and when they arrived I couldn’t help but recognize the fact that the calves coming through the MHA Feeder Calf program were the best calves we have purchased regardless of origin..”
Bill Kuehn | Heartwell, NE


**CLICK HERE** for the current consignment list(11/9/2022). Keep checking back for more 2022 Sale Consignments! If you have any questions please contact Denise Loyning at 406-425-2252.

The goal of the sale is to offer producers who are raising Hereford and/or Hereford cross calves a reliable marketing option for the sale of feeder calves. The fact that all the calves being offered at the sale will be Hereford influenced calves and will have the same back-grounding protocol, brands our sale as a giant step up from the routine sale barn event. Additionally, the sale order is determined by selling groups of calves of like size and type after each other. This appeals to potential buyers, makes their job of putting together loads easier, and attract them to the sale.

In order to be consigned to the sale, calves will need to be 100% Hereford or at least 50% Hereford with the other 50% being of English beef type breeding. Only steers and heifers will be accepted, no bulls. If necessary, calves must be dehorned. In order to help the calves reach their market potential, it is suggested that calves be Age and Source Verified, weaned for 45 days, and vaccinated in a series of 2 vaccines. Detailed information can be found in the Consignors Guide.

Complete the Consignment Form in order to consign your calves to the sale. Consignments will be posted on the website for buyers reference. View consignments here (Coming Soon).

Replacement Heifers:
The last couple of years have shown an increase in the demand for heifers, both Hereford and Baldy. The committee is focusing on promoting the MHA sale as a source for good replacement heifers.